Local departments take extra steps to keep K9s safe in cold weather

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SANDUSKY, Ohio --Erie County K9 Officer Max enjoys working in the snow.

But his partner, Deputy Dan Orzech, knows he needs to pay close attention to how much time they spend outdoors in the frigid temperatures.

“He usually has a high level of energy in the winter,” Orzech said. “When he starts to slow down it’s a sign he may be getting too cold. So when we are tracking or doing a car or narcotic searches I watch for a change in behavior.”

Cleveland Heights Officer Tom Harris agrees.

“Typically when he is fine he moves non-stop and is dragging me,” Harris said. “So when Jax starts falling behind and starts jumping up on me a few times, that’s an indicator to me that he is getting a little cold.”

The officers say they also make sure their partners get extra food during the cold months.

“He needs a little more in the morning because he is burning more energy,” Harris said. “We watch out for each other.”

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