Watch as snowmobile riders rescue moose stuck up to his neck in snow

NEWFOUNDLAND -- A moose in Newfoundland is back on the loose thanks to some experienced snowmobilers with shovels.

And they caught the rescue on video!

Jonathan Anstey, a rider with Sledcore Outdoor Adventure & Lifestyle, said there was a group of seven out for a ride when they came upon the moose, who was stuck up to his neck in several feet of snow.

"It is very common to see quite a few moose during the winter months," Anstey told Fox 8. "We saw several that day, but only that one stuck in a big hole and snow! They generally have a hard time getting around in winter due to the extreme snow depths, up to 16  inches annually!"

The group grabbed their shovels and dug for about 15 minutes before the moose was freed and went on his way.

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