School’s out: bitter cold has many districts canceling for rest of the week

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio - The brutal cold is forcing many school districts across Northeast Ohio to cancel classes for the rest of the week.

The school buses will remain parked a few more days in the Richmond Heights school district. The first day of school after holiday break has been postponed because of bitter cold weather.


"Seeing that the high was only going to still be a single digit, we said we had to get to a single digit, so obviously there would be some sub-zero temperatures, if not with the temperature, definitely with the wind chill," said superintendent Renee Willis.

Superintendent Willis says she conferred with neighboring school districts who also believed Thursday and Friday would be too cold to have classes.

"We do transport our students, but all students do have to get to a group bus stop, but with those types of temperatures, we just made the decision that it was just too cold," she said.

Also, she says since the school buildings have been closed for about two weeks, it takes time for them to warm up.

"We experienced that first hand as it was a teacher in service day, so we were in the buildings and they were absolutely frigid,” said Willis.

Some parents say, delaying opening school affects their plans.

"Bad for me because I gotta find somebody to watch my kids tomorrow," said parent Aliece Barrow.

"It's kind of bad because the teachers are gonna be backed up on a lot of work, but then again, it is real cold out here, so not many people are gonna be able to get to school," said student Malikee Sonie.

"We got work to get to or whatever, so I mean that might be the downfall of it, but it is cold outside and you know, buses and stuff like that and kids having to stand outside at bus stops and stuff," said student Landon Coleman.

"Parents were probably ready to send students back and we're ready to receive them, but safety first, always," said Willis.