I TEAM: a plan to help the streets with most calls for ‘shots fired’

CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has found where most calls come in for shots fired in Cleveland, and we’ve learned of a new plan that could be used to help police fight the problem.

The I TEAM has obtained the list of the top ten city neighborhoods with the most calls for gunshots. The location with the most, by far, is East 151 between Harvard and Kinsman (see more below this story).

Meantime, Councilman Kevin Conwell wants the city to explore entering into a contract with the company behind ShotSpotter. ShotSpotter includes a hi-tech system with sensors to detect gunfire. And the company says, within a minute, it can send an alert to police that pinpoints the location of the shooting.

Conwell told the I TEAM one of the biggest complaints he gets from citizens involves hearing gunfire on the streets. He said, "That's one of the main complaints. I've called several times when I hear shots fired. I get right on that 9-1-1." He added, "This right here with this ShotSpotter, we can pinpoint exactly where the gunshots are coming from, and we can get out there, and we can arrest, and we can prevent.”

ShotSpotter comes with a cost. It ranges from $65,000-$90,000 a year per square mile.

Conwell says he’s doing more research before making a formal proposal to City Council.

The I TEAM’s research found, last year, Cleveland Police took nearly 9,000 calls for shots fired. The busiest time: 10PM. The busiest days: Saturday and Sunday. And, for some reason, the busiest month in 2017: April.

Canton Police use the ShotSpotter system. A police supervisor there called the system “effective”, and he told the I TEAM it’s been most helpful in finding where to gather evidence after shootings such as shell casings.

We saw Cleveland’s police chief at city hall and asked for his thoughts about the system, and he had no comment.

See the list of shots fired calls for service