City council in Lakewood discusses proposal to end pit bull ban

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LAKEWOOD-The city of Lakewood is proposing to lift the ban on pit bulls.

The proposed ordinance comes amid recent protests in support of Charlie, the pit bull.

The dog's owner, Jennifer Scott, of Lakewood, has been fighting the city after she was ordered to remove Charlie from the City of Lakewood back in September.

"They said I had 30 days to get him out of Lakewood. Shortly after, my attorney filed for an appeal and during the appeal process, he gets to stay with us," said Scott.

Scott adopted Charlie from the APL last February.

Initially, he was allowed as a puppy but animal control changed its mind after the pit bull got loose through a fence this summer.

Then in September, the city ruled that based on evidence from the APL, Charlie is, in fact, a pit bull and the Scott family had 30 days to remove him from city limits.

"I've had so many offers from people all over the U.S. to take him, foster him, adopt him, keep him for me until all this was settled. But fortunately, how the law is written, I am able to keep him during the process," said Scott.

Under the proposal, the pit bull ban would be lifted, but restrictions would be put into place. Certain breeds would be required to wear a muzzle in public. Also all dogs, regardless of their breed, would be required to be spayed or neutered.

Tuesday night, the proposed ordinance was brought up during the city council meeting. It now moves on to a committee before going into law. The earliest the law would be put into place is next month.

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