Wicked winter weather strands passengers overnight at CLE Greyhound station

CLEVELAND - Snow is to blame for delays at Cleveland's Greyhound Bus Station on Chester Avenue where dozens of passengers remained stranded for hours overnight.

"I couldn't even believe what was going on," said Ali Musleh from New York. "It's just ridiculous, having to sit there for like nine, ten hours and asking over and over what is going on?"

Ali is one of many left stranded waiting for their bus since 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Several passengers say the most frustrating part was the lack of information provided by Greyhound about the problem.

Riders say Greyhound did provide pizza because of the delay but several New York passengers say the gesture was not well received.

"No refunds or nothing, Cleveland pizza, I don't like Cleveland pizza," said Bobby Dargenio. "I'm from New York, I didn't want the pizza you know?"

***(Please note the defense of Cleveland pizza by our anchors in the video above. We LOVE CLE pizza.)***

Clevelanders were stuck too, Marissa Giorgione tells Fox 8 her bus to Buffalo was cancelled after she waited several hours to board.

"There have been people out here since nine last night and their bus just left now so I can't even imagine," said Giorgione.

Greyhound spokesperson Lanesha Gipson sent the following statement about the incident:

"We are working to accommodate the large increase in demand during the busy holiday season with the resources we have available. In addition to the high customer volume, we are encountering delays on some schedules arriving from the Northeast due to inclement weather. We provided food to customers who were delayed for several hours and the staff provided updates as they were available. Customers that were waiting are now back on the road and on the way to their destinations."