Ohio’s oldest barbershop to close

ORRVILLE, Ohio-- Even at the very end the phone is still ringing, the appointment book is full and people are still coming into Ron’s Barbershop in downtown Orrville.

But the doors will be locked for good Saturday night. Current owner, Judy Laurene, is looking to slow down a bit.

Even though it's had different names over the years, there has been a barbershop at 232 West Market Street since 1870.

James Berry was the first barber 147 years ago and Laurene will be the last at the oldest continuous barbershop in Ohio.

Don't believe the shop has been around for a long time? Just ask Don Weaver.

“The reality is that I probably had my first hair cut here with Ellis Baker and I'll be 88 next month," Weaver said.

“I love people. I’m a people person. You interact with people every day here," said Ron Contini Sr., former owner. "Orrville is a small town, you know, quite a few people so these people who come here they become part of your family."

Contini sold it to Laurene when he retired. She wanted to do the same and work part time to keep the shop open,  but there was one problem: No new barber to take over.

At one time, there were close to 20 licensed barbers in Orrville and now there's only three.

“Unfortunately, they're not getting into barbering. It's a tough way to make a living, and you can't get out of a year of barber college and know that you're going to make any money," Laurene said.

She will continue to cut hair part time at a shop across town and she's bringing her regulars with her.

Ron's Barbershop will be torn down so the restaurant next door can expand.

Laurene said the last haircut will go to Ron Contini, after all, he owned the shop the longest: 43 years.