Cleveland residents grateful for warming centers as frigid temps hit the area

CLEVELAND -- The bitter cold temperatures in Northeast Ohio can be life-threatening for anyone unable to find adequate shelter. That is why the city of Cleveland has provided several places people can go if they need a warm place to stay.

The Lonnie Burten Recreation Center on East 46th Street is one of four warming centers that the city of Cleveland has opened up to allow people to get out of the cold.  Until further notice, they'll be open 24 hours.

"I think it's a good thing that they had these things open up because there were people out there in worse shape than me, and I don't know where they were going," said shelter resident Lori Dobbs.

Dobbs is one of several people who found shelter at the rec center on Cleveland's eastside. Lori, who is sometimes homeless, says she is thankful for a place to lay down, get food and other basic necessities to avoid the brutal cold.

"I was at Tower City and I was trying to get out the street, so I'm glad they opened it," she said.

"I don't want to freeze to death, I've already made it this far in life," said Dennis Moore.

Moore says he had no other options and is also grateful for a warm place to stay.

"I don't know what I would have done," he said.

People across Northeast Ohio have been bundled up, trying to deal with bone chilling temperatures well below freezing.

Just a few minutes outside can be miserable.

"It is freezing outside and I work downtown and the wind hits me in my face from walking,” said one downtown worker.

"I'm used to humidity, nice 70 degrees, 50 degrees at the coldest.  Right here, I can't even live in this right now, just trying to get home and get under a blanket,” said a man who told us he was from Georgia.

But at least one person is looking at the cold weather in a different way.

"It's freezing cold, the wind makes it worse, but makes for good football weather.  I'm ready for Sunday, yeah," said a man, wearing Pittsburgh Steelers gear.

In addition to the four official warming centers, city officials want to remind people that all city rec centers will be open to allow people to get out of the cold, during regular hours of operation.

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