Mystery Santa reveals true identity to Akron family

AKRON, Ohio -- We all know children’s wish lists to Santa are supposed to go directly to the North Pole.

But one letter in particular, accidentally came here to Akron Children’s Hospital’s post office.

Fortunately, one of Santa’s helpers was here to intercept.

Mail Associate Tina Jeffries says, "It was in the tub. I'm doing the return mail, and I'm going through the stacks of it, and I just happened to come across this letter."

It was the week before Christmas when Jeffries says she found the letter with the wrong mailing address.

That letter was from a 6-year-old boy named Marcellis Davis ... written for Santa.

"Dear Santa, my name is Marcellus, I've been a good boy and I would like these things for Christmas."

Jeffries said, "It just touched me. I was so impressed with the letter. And he asked for things that he could physically play with and that's what got me.  He didn't ask for tech stuff."

Tina Jeffries says she often receives mail with incorrect address, but she could tell Marcellis's letter was from a child, and at this time of year, had to be important.

Marcellis’s mom Dominque Johnson said the letter was actually supposed to her mother’s house across town, but she accidentally put the wrong house number on the envelope.

On Christmas Eve, Dominque found two big bags filled with the exact gifts on Marcellis’s wish list on her front porch. Also in the bag, the letter that never got delivered and this note.

“Your Christmas list is being fulfilled and I want to thank your family for letting me do what Santa Claus does for all the children."

Not knowing who the person was, she posted a picture of the gifts on her Facebook page hoping to find the mystery Santa and it worked.

And even during the emotional meeting, Marcellis is never letting go of one of his favorite gifts from his secret Santa.