Travel warnings, parking bans in effect as snow hits northeast Ohio

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CLEVELAND – The lake effect snow is leaving its mark on northeast Ohio. There are a number of warnings, bans a speed reductions in effect this Tuesday as the snow machine revs up into high gear.

ODOT has decreased the speed limit in Lake County on I-90 between State Route 44 and State Route 528 to 30 miles an hour.

Shortly before 11 am, I -90 at Vrooman Road was closed due to a jackknifed semi-truck.

Conneaut police are telling motorists to stay off the road due to the hazardous conditions in that city or risk getting a ticket:

We are asking residents of Conneaut to please stay home! If you’re out wanting to sight see and happen to get stuck in the snow, plan on receiving a citation.
Unless it is an emergency stay in your homes, if it happens to be an extreme medical emergency call 911.

****************Official Statement***********
The Conneaut Police Dept is advising all motorists to stay off the roads today due to hazardous, and dangerous weather conditions, unless travel is absolutely essential or an extreme emergency, in which case you should call 911 for an extreme medical emergency.
In addition……
The Public Works Department employees are close to timing out on the amount of hours they can work straight. Regardless to say, they’ve done a great job trying to maintain city roads. The other City departments that have vehicles with plows are trying to help pick up the slack. There is no way the city could keep up with this amount of snowfall. Repeating*****Unless it is an emergency stay home!
More updates to be posted soon!

The following cities have snow parking bans in effect:


Take a look at these pictures from ODOT:

lake effect snow warning is in effect for Ashtabula, Lake and Geauga counties until 4 p.m. Wednesday.

winter weather advisory is in effect for Cuyahoga County until 4 p.m. Wednesday.

A wind chill advisory goes into effect for northern Ohio at 10 p.m. Tuesday until 11 a.m. Wednesday.

You can click here for the full forecast.


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