Mystery Santa leaves bag of gifts for Akron boy after letter gets lost

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AKRON, Ohio-- Secret Santa has taken on a whole new meaning for a family in Akron.

The Davis family is spending the day after Christmas putting together toys their two boys received Monday morning.

But there were a few gifts that were mysteriously left on their front porch on Christmas Eve that has mom Dominque Johnson baffled.

"I'm really clueless, I'm really trying to figure out who did it."

Dominque said this mystery began when she and her 6-year-old son sent letters to Santa.

Marcellus’s letter to Santa was actually addressed to grandma’s house on Nicholas Avenue, but mom accidentally put the wrong house number; a house that doesn't exist.

"One letter got to his grandmother's house, one letter didn't. So we was confused, we were like, 'Well, maybe it's the mail, holidays, you know?' It probably got mixed up somewhere."

Still, every single toy on her son’s wish list, including fidget spinners, board games and Thomas the Train, were delivered. Also in the bag of gifts, a letter from Santa.

It reads in part, "Your Christmas list is being fulfilled and I want to thank your family for letting me do what Santa Claus does for all the children."

"She asked me, did I know what happened or who did it? Or maybe my mother or anybody did it and I said, 'Not to my knowledge,'" father Mark Davis said.

So, as Marcellus and brother, Xavier, continue to appreciate all the gifts they’ve received, they’re hoping one day their mystery Santa reveals his or her true identity.

“Thank you! Whoever you are, my son and I, my family appreciates everything, appreciates everything from the bottom of our hearts," Johnson said.

Dominque said because her son's letter to Santa had a return to sender label on the envelope, she believes someone who works at the local post office may be responsible for delivering the gifts.

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