Geauga County sheriff’s deputy braves icy water to save struggling dog

GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio -- Geauga County Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Primer was not afraid of some icy cold water last week when he saw a dog struggling to swim in a partially frozen pond.

The two-year-old labradoodle named Gunner had ventured out onto the pond near the Rainer family’s home without anyone knowing and fell through the ice. Thankfully, Deputy Primer had the right equipment to safely rescue the dog.

“We tied a rope around his waist and the ice cracked and he fell right in. He was amazing, he is the most amazing guy. He grabbed the dog while he was in the water and threw it out onto the ice,” said Gary Cross, grandfather to the three Rainer children.

Cross and other deputies who had stopped to assist were able to pull Primer out of the water using the rope.

“I can’t relate how good a job these guys do. They are always thinking about serving the community and helping others and in this case helping the kids get their dog back,” said Chief Deputy Thomas Rowan with the sheriff’s office.

The family immediately took Gunner to the vet to get checked out and Deputy Primer went home to get warmed up.

It turns out, Deputy Primer’s own dog had fallen into an icy Lake Erie years ago and firefighters rescued him, so he was happy to pay it forward.