Friends for 60 years discover they are brothers

HONOLULU– Lifelong friends found out they share an even deeper bond.

Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane met in the sixth grade. The two men, who were born and raised in Hawaii, are 15 months apart.

Robinson was adopted and Macfarlane never knew his father, so he turned to for DNA matching to learn more about his family.

According to KHON in Honolulu, the username “Robi737” was at the top of the list of matches. Macfarlane and this user had identical X chromosomes.

His good friend, Robinson, went by Robi and flew 737s as a pilot for Aloha Airlines. After a few phone calls, the childhood friends learned they have the same mother.

“It was an overwhelming experience, it’s still overwhelming. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to get over this feeling,” Robinson told KHON.