Best transportation in Conneaut? Maybe Snowmobiles!

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CONNEAUT, Ohio -- People in parts of Northeast Ohio’s Snowbelt are measuring the snowfall by the foot. In fact, travel has been so treacherous that some police departments have threatened to ticket drivers who venture out and get stuck.

A snowmobile was perhaps the most reliable mode of transportation in the Ashtabula County town of Conneaut Tuesday.

"We actually rode around all day today and people were stuck all over, including plow trucks," said resident Dave Lesperance.

He, his wife Lisa, and granddaughter Sophia Vickery, stopped at a gas station to fill up their snowmobiles.

“We did get stuck twice," said Lisa.

"I think it's really fun being on these and easier," said their granddaughter.

At least a couple feet of snow blanketed Conneaut throughout the day.

Even lifetime residents say it's been awhile since they've seen this much snow pile up.

"It's been about ten or fifteen years since we've had a good snowstorm," said Conneaut resident Jeremy Mareno.

"We've had several accidents, we've had motorist assists, a few people that needed being transported out of their homes for no heat, and just the weather conditions have been terrible and we've been trying to do as much as we can to help everybody," said Conneaut police Detective Michael Sullivan.

At one point, weather conditions got so bad, that Conneaut police advised residents to stay home unless they had an emergency. Anyone who ventured out without a legitimate reason risked getting a ticket, if they got stuck.

"We've given several warnings, it was more just kind of a reminder to people that we wanted you to stay off the road and for their safety as well as others," said Det. Sullivan.

Road conditions improved through the evening, but digging out remained quite a chore.

"We've been out here for almost an hour, there's a mound, walking through, it comes up to about my hip, it's bad, it's crazy," said resident Christopher Clark.

"This is four-wheel drive, so I really didn't have no troubles until I got here and I got stuck on flat ground," said Mareno.

"It's better to stay in the house," said resident Kenny Breeden as he shoveled his driveway.

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