Red cardinal pays a series of visits to an Eastlake woman missing her grandpa

Photo: Ashley Nicole

EASTLAKE, Ohio – There is a tradition that says if a red cardinal is nearby, it means that a lost loved one is paying you a visit. And sometimes it does seem as if cardinals (the state bird of Ohio!) show up when you might be missing that loved one at that moment.

An Eastlake woman, who lost her beloved grandfather earlier this year, has discovered that this tradition has come true for her.

Terenye Pompeo-Norris’ grandpa Louis Filipski passed away in April. And as the Christmas holidays approached, it’s only natural that she was thinking of him more and more.

On December 2, as she walked in Chagrin River Park, a cardinal stopped by to visit. Not the usual type of wild bird visit, though. The cardinal seemed to have no fear of saying hello.


The cardinal visited her again the next day and again on December 17. And it was then that Terenye shared a little treat with the friend she calls her “angel bird.”

Her sister-in-law sent these stunning pictures in to Fox 8 – a perfect reminder during the Christmas season that our loved ones are always with us one way or another.