I TEAM: Why police had guns drawn at shopping center

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BROOKLYN, Ohio - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained police body camera video showing why police surrounded a car with guns drawn and put two people in handcuffs at the busy Ridge Park Square Shopping Center in Brooklyn.

The incident led to a firestorm on social media. So we investigated.

The video shows every officer on-duty that night in Brooklyn, plus one more officer working off-duty, all at the scene. They approached a car at gunpoint and slowly pulled out two young people, one just 15 years old.

It began with a 9-1-1 call. A man said he went through the parking lot, but people in the car said something to him, and then they pointed a gun at him. The caller was not sure, he said, if the gun was real, or a toy.

Police then cuffed two people and questioned them about a gun. Officers searched the car, too. And as they did, a mother came out of the store frantic because the car belonged to her. She told officers the people in the car were waiting for her. She said, "I'm at 5 Below shopping. He's like, ‘Mom, they have your car surrounded.’ I'm like, who? And I come out running out the door."

In the end, police found no gun, and they began to doubt the story of the 9-1-1 caller. Some witnesses then took to social media to question was it necessary for the police show of force?

Brooklyn Chief Scott Mielke said, "You gotta be extra careful. Everybody wants to go home safe.” He added, police couldn’t take any chances after a 9-1-1 call like the one in this case. Mielke said, “Anytime we get a gun call, we treat it with the utmost seriousness. We want to make sure everybody involved, police officers included, along with the public, are safe."

The I TEAM wanted to talk to the people involved. But when we tried the man who'd called 9-1-1, a recording said his phone had restrictions on incoming calls. A text wouldn't go through, either. As for the young people in the car, police never even made a report after the questioning.

The man who’d made that 9-1-1 call didn’t even wait at the scene for police.

The video shows how it ended as police took off the cuffs. A young man who’d been questioned said to an officer, “Just taking false reports?” The officer said, "I can see that. But, like I say, once we get to the bottom of the story, no harm, no foul."

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