Cleveland couple lose everything they own in house fire

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cleveland couple lost everything they own when their house went up in flames early Friday morning. They both made it out alive, but had to be treated at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Flames ripped through the second floor of a duplex on West 57th Street in Cleveland around 4:15 a.m. Friday. That's where Angela Jordan and her boyfriend, Aaron Mays, had been sleeping.

"He heard me coughing and he rolled over, smoke in his face, he couldn't breathe; he woke me up. We seen the smoke and the fire coming from the kitchen," Jordan said.

Angela told us their story of survival over the phone from her hospital bed.

"He tried going to the porch door to open it; he couldn't find the handle, so he went to the bedroom to open the window. By the time he opened the window, I had went behind him to open the door and we were out on the porch," she said.

Angela and Aaron were both forced to jump to the ground from the second floor. Angela's mother, Lori Williams, lives across the street.

"My daughter Angela's boyfriend came down and knocked on our front door. When we opened the door, he stated that the house was on fire. She actually came down the street; all she had on was her underclothes," said Williams.

"They did X-rays and a CT scan and found that I have a first lumbar fracture in my back," Jordan told Fox 8.

Fortunately, Angela's children, 8-year-old Jaime, and 17-month-old Samuel, were spending the night with their grandmother.

"Last night I had both the children here with me. They didn't have to worry about getting the babies out; had Jaime been there, her room is right off the kitchen," said Williams.

That's where the couple believes the fire started. The family says they lost everything ten days before Christmas.

"Things aren't the most important thing -- we're all safe; we're all alive," said Williams.

The tenant who lives on the first floor of the duplex was not home at the time of the fire. According to Angela’s family, his unit sustained minor damage to the rear of the home.

Cleveland fire investigators say they believe the fire was the result of an electrical problem. They also say the home had no working smoke detectors.

A GoFundMe account has been set up by the family, you can click here for information.