Recognize them? Parma police release video of men accused of violent carjacking

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PARMA, Ohio -- Parma police are asking for help in getting some armed and dangerous criminals off the street. They released surveillance video of two men who they say committed a violent carjacking last weekend.

The video shows two men walking through a door at the Midtown Towers on Broadview Road, around 8:15 p.m. Sunday. Police believe around ten minutes later, they carjacked a man who had just parked his car in the lot.

"When I got out of the vehicle, I hit my alarm and next thing I know, I got some gentleman tag on me, hits from the back of my truck," said the man, who did not want to be identified.

The 31-year-old man told police a man in a dark-colored hoodie tackled him first.

"I fell down to my knee. It was a young kid that was with him. He come walking up to him, handed him a pistol, guy grabbed the gun, hit me in the back of the head, made me lay down on my stomach. They took my keys, my wallet, everything out of my pockets, jumped in the car and they took off," said the victim.

The victim says he saw two other men while he on the ground.

"The guys took off trying to run me over; I got up and ran," he said.

The victim says he flagged down another man who lived in the building.

"He ended up helping me and I started chasing the guys down Broadview, but they ended up getting away," he said.

Police say Thanksgiving morning, a woman was carjacked in the same parking lot.

"She was walking away when an individual came up behind her, grabbed her, kind of put her in a bear hug, another suspect came up behind her, patted her down, took her cell phone and keys and then jumped in her car, and then they took off as well," said Parma Police Capt. Kevin Riley.

Police say they are investigating whether both carjackings were done by the same people.

"Both of the incidents appear to be random acts, you know, both victims just seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, kind of a crime of opportunity for the individuals," said Capt. Riley.

The latest victim tells FOX 8 that he has a sprained hand, a broken thumb and bruised ribs from the ordeal. His vehicle was recovered a few days later.

Parma police are working with Cleveland detectives to determine whether the suspects are responsible for any crimes in Cleveland.

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