I TEAM: shootout on suburban streets caught on camera

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video of a shootout in the suburbs with bullets flying along a busy road just steps away from a police station.

Investigators are turning to the I TEAM and you in the hopes of identifying one of the gunmen before another shootout starts, maybe on your block.

This case happened recently early in the evening in Richmond Heights just off Richmond Road, outside a Marathon gas station. Video shows one man getting gas. Another man comes out of a convenience store, and it appears the two men have words about something. Moments later, gunfire erupts. You see both men firing wildly in the parking lot with traffic passing.

In fact, a 9-1-1 call came in from a man driving past the scene. No one got hit, but one bullet went into the van of one the guys with a gun, and it hit the headrest of a seat where a woman was sitting.

Police say one man had a permit for a concealed weapon, and he told investigators he did not know the other guy.

So Richmond Heights Police are hoping that you can identify the other man. Sgt. Darren Porter said, "Obviously, they didn't have any care about who was around, or where they were at near the police station that they just opened fire on each other." He added, "If this is an ongoing dispute between the two guys, they're going to settle it one way or another and probably on the street somewhere when they see each other. Somebody's gonna end up dead.”

Take a look at the story, and if you have a tip, call Richmond Heights Police at 216-486-1234.