Christmas comes early! Girl’s reaction to getting puppy is pure joy

Do you remember getting that one gift for Christmas that you had been hoping for all year long? It’s a feeling of pure joy, isn’t it?

Now, imagine wishing for something for FOUR years and finally getting it?

Love What Matters posted a story on its Facebook page about a little girl who got an early Christmas gift.. a puppy!

Her reaction is priceless! Check it out in the video, below.

The Facebook post reads:

“Our daughter has been writing to Santa for the last four years to plead her case for a puppy. She promised to feed it, walk it—and love it forever. She even started to save her money for a puppy, just in case Santa didn’t bring one this year. Finally, after four years, she got her wish. Our little guy was delivered early… To say she and her brothers are happy, is an understatement! Welcome to the family, Max! You are loved so much!”