Let’s hear from the fans on the Browns’ OT loss to Green Bay

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CLEVELAND—Unlucky number 13. It was another rough Sunday afternoon for the Cleveland Browns and fans. Still no wins for the season, and with a 27-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers in overtime, it was heartbreaking for a lot of those fans in brown and orange.

The football game was pretty much an edge-of-your-seat event.

But the end result made for some sad faces and angry chants outside of FirstEnergy Stadium.

“I’m done with this team; they can have it,” said a season ticket holder, visibly upset.

After expressing his anger, the distraught fan took off his Browns gear and just left it outside of the stadium, free for the taking.

There is a sense of hopelessness that can only be explained by Clevelanders.

"It's pretty pathetic. When are we going to turn it around, Cleveland?” Chris Norman said.

Fans explained they just wanted one win, but many left downtown without smiles on their faces.

"Stomp," said Jen Pugh, as she also stomped her foot.

Pugh, a Browns fan currently living in Wisconsin, tells Fox 8 she has a right to pout about an 0-13 record.

"I come here every year with my friends; we inject money into the economy, but no, no, we lose."

But not all fans who stopped to say hello were upset on Sunday. Obviously there were plenty of Packers fans in attendance, but some Browns fans really appreciated the excitement the intense game had to offer.

"It was really electric most of the game. It reminded me of days gone by," said Richard Cecil.

Richard and his dad, James, attended the game together on Sunday. The crowd, excitement, and love of the team gets the duo through the games, despite the losses.

Still, Mr. Cecil isn’t exactly thrilled by a loss either.

"Yeah they gave it a run for their money, but the end result was the same.. no win for Cleveland."

You can bet the diehard fans will keep coming back, because as they say, “there is always next year.”

"One day we will win again and we will have front row seats, but until that time, I'm going home to cry,” fan, Bryne Wilkerson, said.

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