Plows, lower speed limits help with road conditions in Lake County

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LAKE COUNTY, Ohio-- Plans are in place to keep the roads in Lake, Geauga, and Cuyahoga counties nice and clear during this weekend’s snowfall.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has at least 80 snow plow crews on the roads.

But in Lake County, the variable speed method will be used on Interstate 90 anytime the weather conditions get bad, in addition to the road crews. Between state Route 44 and state Route 528,  the speed is able to be regulated by ODOT because of the area’s history of accidents.

The first time the method was used was on Dec. 7. The speed limit was reduced to 40 mph due to snow flurries in the area.

Spokeswoman for ODOT District 12 Amanda McFarland told FOX 8 new legislation has made it possible to change the speeds, but only in that stretch of the interstate.

The legislation was based off of data that there had been around 700 accidents on that I-90 stretch over the last decade.

McFarland said ODOT’s traffic management center and local county managers use current weather and/or road conditions to make the determination on whether or not to reduce the speed limit. The speed can only be changed in 10 mph increments.

If you plan to travel on I-90 in Lake County, between State Route 44 and State Route 528, be aware that speed limits could be reduced in that area because of weather and road conditions.

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