Parma Heights police chase ends with crash in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio- We are learning new information from Parma Heights police about a chase that ended in a crash in Cleveland, Friday night.

Officers received a call to a home for an unresponsive woman. Parma Heights police say they have treated the woman before for substance abuse.

When officers arrived at the home, a man, who police say is the woman's ex-boyfriend and who is also believed to be her drug dealer, took off.

One of the officers followed him.  Parma Heights police say he ran a red light, and ran into another car. The person in that car was not injured. The suspect then got out of his car and ran off.

Police took him into custody. Earlier in the evening, Cleveland police said the suspect was seriously injured, but Parma Heights police say he was taken to the hospital and treated and released.

He was being taken to jail.

The unresponsive woman who was the focus of the original call was treated with Narcan and taken to the hospital.