Man spreads message of unity through special shirt

PAINESVILLE, Ohio- A local man, upset over recent national events that caused some racial tension, has decided to do something to help bring people together.

He designed a T-shirt with a message printed in black and white that reads, “InspriRacial Strength. Strong Together.”

“If you look at all the events going on in the world today starting with the elections, recent elections, politics, the NFL and the National Anthem, police and racial relations, it creates a divide among people,” said Kenny Hughley.

Hughley said earlier this fall, he decided he wanted to do something to help start a positive change.

“I know it’s just a step,” Hughley said. “But it could open up the lines of communication and help break down preconceived notions.”

His friend, Ray Minger, who owns The Max Screen Printing in Painesville, helped make the T-shirt a reality.

Hughley said at first he just made a few shirts to give to family members and friends, but then people kept asking for one, so he is having more printed.

He says he would like to work with organizations and schools so he can pass out more shirts.

“This is a strong statement right here,” Minger said. “This is what the world needs.”

If you are interested in learning more about the shirts or if you want to purchase one, you can go to