1 suspect captured, 3 on run, following string of shootings and carjackings

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland police are looking for three young men wanted for a string of carjackings and shootings.

Just before 3 a.m. Friday, a person reported being behind a Chevy Silverado at a red light at W. 54th St. and Bridge Ave. When the light turned green, the driver reported honking the horn. That's when the young men in the Silverado began shooting. The driver was not hit and drove away.

A short time later, the same thing happened to a driver at  W. 125th and Lorain Ave. Again, the driver was not hit when shots were fired. Police believe the shooters were just trying to scare the drivers.

Also early Friday at Berea and Triskett Roads, a person in a Pacifica was carjacked while using an ATM. Two suspects drove off in the stolen Pacifica. Two others drove off in the Silverado.

Officers spotted the Pacifica at W. 66th St. and Memphis Ave. That's when the suspects jumped out and ran.

Meanwhile, a Hyundai Santa Fe was carjacked a few blocks away at W. 61st St. and Memphis Ave.

Cleveland police and the Ohio State Highway Patrol chased the vehicle for several minutes, but both agencies called off the chase when it hit extremely high speeds.

Around 4:30 a.m. Friday, police spotted the Silverado at W. 50th and Memphis Ave. All four suspects got out and ran.

Police found one hiding under a van at W. 48th St. and took him into custody. The other three remain on the loose.


Police said the Silverado was taken as part of a string of three carjackings early Wednesday morning.

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