Lorain councilman speaks out after arrest for disorderly conduct

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LORAIN, Ohio - A popular councilman, who was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct is speaking out publicly for the first time.

Councilman Angel Arroyo, who represents Ward 6 in Lorain, arrived at Monday night's regularly scheduled meeting remorseful and on crutches.

He called the arrest and events leading up to it embarrassing. At the start of the council meeting Arroyo apologized to his fellow council members, all Lorain citizens, his supporters, family and friends.

“I apologize to anybody I offended,” said Arroyo, “I take full responsibility for it.”

Arroyo had been out Friday night celebrating his birthday at a restaurant.

A life-long friend, Alberto Calo says things escalated after he took Arroyo’s keys to prevent him from driving.

Calo told police that Arroyo jumped on his car and fell and fractured his knee.

Officers were called some time after midnight, when Arroyo showed up at Calo’s house on Jenee Drive and wouldn’t leave.

On dashcam video Arroyo is heard telling the officer, “He ran me over.”

Eventually the councilman was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct, but Calo harbors no hard feelings.

“Obviously alcohol can influence anyone’s judgement,” said Calo. “I’m very proud to have him as a friend, so this whole situation is difficult.”

It’s tough also for Arroyo. The activist and pastor is better known for organizing disaster relief collections, searching for abducted children and helping troubled young people.

He told Fox 8‘s Suzanne Stratford that he always advises those teenagers to own their mistakes, and that’s what he plans to do also.

“Practice what I preach,” said Arroyo. “I’m gonna do my best to continue moving forward and hopefully win their respect back.”

Arroyo even thanked the police officers who picked him up.

“I thank them for doing their job, you know I wouldn’t expect anything else,” said Arroyo.