VIDEO: Lorain councilman arrested on charges of disorderly conduct

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LORAIN - Lorain councilman Angel Arroyo was arrested on Saturday after an altercation with police outside of a home in that city.

In their report, police say that they were called to a home on Jenee Drive for an "intoxicated male in the driveway refusing to leave." Upon arrival, they recognized Arroyo, who told them that he had been run over by a car at Diso's Bistro earlier that evening, although an injury he showed them was not consistent with being run over by a vehicle. Police  noted that he was slurring his words and that there was a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.

During their questioning of Arroyo, they made contact with a resident on the street who said that he had been out with Arroyo earlier to celebrate his birthday. The friend tried to take the councilman's car keys away to keep him from driving. Arroyo was injured when he jumped on the man's car in an attempt to get his keys back.

Police asked Arroyo to leave the neighborhood, as requested by his friend. When Arroyo asked for an officer in charge, a police sergeant came to the scene. Arroyo began recording the interaction and asking for a report to be filed on his injuries.

After trying to reason with him and offering him a ride home, Arroyo refused to comply with the officers on hand. They arrested him for disorderly conduct.

The entire incident happened outside the home of Albert Calo, who is a long-time friend of Arroyo. Calo said he took Arroyo’s keys to stop him from driving but Arroyo jumped on the hood of his car and fell of, injuring his knee.

Calo said in his mind, this one incident doesn’t take away from Arroyo’s dedication to the city. “Obviously alcohol can influence anyone's judgement but in this case, Angel, his heart really exceeds what most people think it does,” Calo said.

Calo went on to say he will support Arroyo going forward, “I would be more than proud to help him in his future endeavors whatever he does. But again, this is a difficult situation so whatever he decides to do I'll back him up and I'll always be a friend to him,” he said.

According to a local report, Arroyo was released about 11 a.m. Saturday. In a Twitter message, Arroyo said he had no comment on the situation.