Next step taken to make ‘Browns Perfect Season Parade 2.0’ a reality

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CLEVELAND- It is hard to be a Browns fan. It is even harder to be a Browns fan and sit in a stadium year after year and watch the team lose game after game.

The team is poised to set a record the city has never seen: 0-16.

Lifetime fan, Chris McNeil, says team management has to know that fans just can't deal with this any longer.  He is the organizer of  the “Browns Perfect Season Parade 2.0."

"We're very frustrated with this Browns team. We're a very proud city and proud organization and proud of our Cleveland Browns; this is not the Cleveland Browns we want," McNeil said.

McNeil sat down with city officials to outline what they plan to do to stage the parade on January 6. They talked about everything from security to porta potties.

They also talked about who is going to take part in the parade around the stadium. McNeil says it varies. "We have a combination of people walking with banners, dressed up, obviously, with Cleveland Browns attire. We have different vehicles -- mostly just cars-- we've seen those out and about at the Muni Lot -- buses that are painted up with Browns colors."

Overall, McNeil says he just hopes the Browns win.

He says any money raised to hold the parade would be donated to the Cleveland Food Bank.

McNeil says this is about Cleveland pride and the need to get it back. "You play the Bengals; you play the Steelers, and they almost outnumber us in our own stadium. It doesn't feel like our own house; it doesn't feel like our own organization. The way I think about it is Browns fans, this is our team; this is our city. It's really all about the fans."

McNeil says he has heard from critics of the parade.  Some say the idea is dumb. They think it rubs salt in old wounds and doesn't help anything.

But he said someone has to let the Browns management know that all these years of bad football is really hurting the fans.

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