New food delivery service coming to the CLE

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CLEVELAND - There's a new way to have your food delivered in Cleveland, and it's aiming to wipe out cold, soggy delivery french fries forever.

ClusterTruck will officially open in downtown Cleveland on Monday December 4. But you can't head over to sit down and eat there. It exists only as a kitchen. A kitchen that makes hundreds of different meals and will deliver them to you about 20 minutes after you place your order.

The whole idea is to keep delivery food hot and fresh and absolutely NOT soggy. Chefs at ClusterTruck don't start making an order until a delivery driver is ready and waiting to bring it to you. Once it's finished, the driver brings it curbside to the destination - with a total on-the-road delivery time of under 10 minutes.

“We believe hungry people should never have to choose between the convenience of fast delivery, the food quality they’d get at a sit-down restaurant and the personality of street food, so we created a service that offers all of the above!” says ClusterTruck CEO Chris Baggott.

You can head to ClusterTruck's website to check out their current delivery area here in Cleveland and check out their menu.

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