Suspect dies after fleeing from police, jumping into Rocky River

LAKEWOOD - One day after a wanted man ran from Rocky River Police and jumped off a cliff recovery crews pulled his body from the Rocky River near Emerald Necklace Marina.

Police have identified the man as Terrence Hopkins, 43 of Rocky River. Police spotted Hopkins outside an apartment complex near Wooster and Malvern Road Saturday at 9 p.m. where police say Hopkins ran from the officer who recognized him as a wanted man.

Police say the officer ran after Hopkins for a brief period of time before Hopkins jumped over a fence then slid under a second fence which led directly to a cliff with the river at the bottom. Emergency crews searched the area until 2 a.m. before resuming their search at daylight hopeful they would find him alive.

"The cliff is kind of angled...we've actually had people that were in the water and had minor injuries," said Lakewood Fire Chief Scott Gilman.

Rocky River Police say fishermen near the Rocky River Reservation Emerald Necklace boat launch first spotted Hopkins in the water and with the help of an officer attempted to rescue him but water temperatures and currents prevented their efforts.

"Hypothermia would set in quickly and the person would not be able to get themselves out of the water," explained Gilman.

The area remained closed to the public for nearly all of Sunday as crews worked to locate Hopkins.

"Maybe he didn't realize, it's dark at night you can't see what's not there," said Mike Medvec walking near the reservation entrance. "You can't see that it's a cliff at night."

According to Rocky River Court records Hopkins had a history of drug related charges.