‘What is happiness?’ Cavs’ Channing Frye shares awesome description he wrote 20 years ago

CLEVELAND, Ohio — What is happiness?

In a handwritten assignment saved by his mother, Cleveland Cavalier player Channing Frye Tuesday explains what it meant to him — almost 20 years ago!

In an Instagram post Tuesday, Frye wrote: “I got a box of my mom’s things, and she kept this. I wrote this almost 20 years ago. Have an awesome Tuesday.”

Frye’s mother, Karen Mulzac-Frye, passed away at the end of October after a long battle with cancer. His father, Thomas Frye, passed away the following month.

The assignment he shared on Tuesday was his explanation of “happiness.”

In it, he wrote:

“Happiness to me is being me and living my life to the fullest. I don’t understand why some people are sad. If you think about everything that Jesus has done for us, you would be jumping up for joy.”

He said playing basketball, of course, made him happy.

“Playing basketball is my favorite thing to do that makes me happy. Winning makes me the happiest, the only time that I am not happy is when I lose. Losing makes me sick.”

“Being with my family and doing fun things with them. I would give up anything to go have fun with my family. When I go out with them, they really know how to get down.”

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