Steve Loomis voted out as Cleveland police union president

Steve Loomis

CLEVELAND- Cleveland police officers have voted out outspoken union president Steve Loomis.
Det. Jeff Follmer confirmed to the I-Team that he won the election. Follmer received 387 votes compared to Loomis’ 349 votes.  Follmer said he won by 50 votes and noted turnout was low.
He said he is honored to represent the officers.  “I am looking forward to bringing strength and  unity to the members,” Follmer said.
Follmer formerly served as union president.
Loomis released the following statement, ” The silver lining in this election is that I will now have time to focus on my family and my health. I wish all those elected the best going forward and expect them to continue the work and success this union has been committed to. I will continue to devote my career to championing our profession and our law-abiding citizens in any way I can. I am proud of my service to both union and city and will sleep well knowing I will be leaving them in better shape than I found them.”