Prepared for snow: Cleveland Hopkins Airport ready for Old Man Winter

CLEVELAND- The winter weather is slowly approaching and the Cleveland Hopkins Airport is making sure they are ready to go when those big snowstorms hit.

This week is one of the biggest weeks of travel. Our meteorologists are predicting snow on one do the busiest days, this Sunday. The airport says they are ready.

The snow removal team was out and about Tuesday going through dry run exercises. They practiced de-icing on the ice pads and pulled out their snow-melters, plows and multi-purpose vehicles. The crews were practicing how to do it all in the most efficient ways.

The airport says they have allocated more than two million dollars into winter equipment this year and they've been training on it for about six weeks. They have been working with the FAA to make sure they are up to standards.

The director says the biggest issue for airports is of course those storms.

"When the snow comes the visibility drops," Director Robert Kennedy said. "It becomes a very active airport and you have to do everything safely and get everything coordinated."

While the airport says they feel prepared they do know mother nature is unpredictable. That's why they work with many cities including Minneapolis and Chicago to make sure they have the best plans in place.

"We know mother nature is unforgiving and she will throw you a curve ball so we're just trying to prepare for that curveball," Kennedy said.