Noooo! Woman says she drove with huge spider in car for more than 20 minutes

COFFS HARBOUR, Australia — It’s more than cringe-worthy, especially if you don’t like seeing even a tiny spider.

A woman in Australia, Bianca Merrick, says a MASSIVE spider was with her on her drive home from work, so it was in the car with her for more than 20 minutes, she told Yahoo7. Not only that, but it was clinging to the visor above the driver’s seat.

Merrick shared the video and it has gone viral with nearly half a million video views.

For anyone wondering if the spider is real, Merrick said, yes, it is.  “I live in the bush near Coffs Harbour so (spiders aren’t) too uncommon but they’re usually on the outside of the car not the inside.”

Merrick said when she got home, she slowly got out of the car and “pretended that it never happened.”  She did go back out the next morning with bug spray and a broom.. but the spider was nowhere to be found.