Holiday visits are almost here! What would a good house guest never do?

The holiday season is just about here.

Will you be hosting or visiting family or friends?

Huffington Post has a list of 10 key tips from etiquette experts for things a good house guest would never do.

The list is as follows:f
1.) Expect their host’s undivided attention 24/7
2.) Expect their host to be their daily tour guide
3.) Forget to show up with a gift
4.) Assume that room comes with board
5.) Expect their host to accommodate their picky eating
6.) Assume their host should clean up after them
7.) Open drawers to find things or start helping themselves to food in the pantry without asking first
8.) Borrow the host’s car and return it on empty
9.) Hog the shower when your host needs to leave for work
10.) Ignore basic common sense.

The Huffington Post also recommends that guests don’t overstay their welcome — three days or less is best.

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