Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages

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AURORA, Ohio -- A homeowner’s security camera caught an outrageous delivery from a US Mail truck, and that has sparked a FOX 8 I-Team investigation.

The video shows a mail carrier just carelessly throwing packages out of the truck onto the resident’s driveway. It happened Saturday in Aurora.

Was the mail carrier just being lazy? Avoiding going out in the rain? Thinking no one was watching?

Kevin Moore has cameras outside his house. He took a look back at the recording after finding packages left in the slop. The video shows a small box tossed from the truck. After a slight pause, a large box flies from the truck.

Moore said, "Initially, I thought the packages were just blown there, but they weren't. Upon checking the video I was a little distressed, little upset about that."

He added, "There was some glassware in the large one, and a Christmas present my wife had purchased in the smaller package."

The I-Team went to the Aurora Post Office. Is that any way to deliver mail?

A supervisor told us the delivery is under investigation.

Meantime, we got an email from regional headquarters saying the postal service would be reaching out to the customer with the video of the packages being thrown. A spokesman also wrote, handling packages that way is “unacceptable behavior."

We showed that video to customers at the post office, and they reacted with disgust even calling for the worker to be fired.

Kevin Moore is a little more forgiving. He believes the worker should at least get a lecture from bosses. Moore just wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He said, "You need to treat packages with a little more respect."

Somehow, the glass inside the large box did not break when the box crashed to the ground.

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