Let it snow! Parts of northeast Ohio get first big snowfall of season

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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio --The weather change was fast in some parts of Northeast Ohio Sunday, resulting in the first substantial snowfall of the season.

In the city of Independence, the snow made for an early dose of 'winter wonderland.'

The flaky scene started to accumulate Sunday evening around 5:00PM.

"Too soon," said driver, Bruce Wallace.

The quick weather change left some drivers no time to come to grips with reality.

"Gotta get used to it, you know it's coming, it's Cleveland, you're going to have to deal with it eventually."

And that means road conditions are also important.

The snow event is something the Ohio Department of Transportation had been preparing for all weekend. Dozens of crews were out in Lake, Geauga, and Cuyahoga counties.

"It will definitely change more quickly than motorists are going to realize and that's why we staffed the way we did," said Amanda McFarland, a spokesperson for ODOT District 12.

"Those crews will be out patrolling the roadways, monitoring those pavement temperatures."

Everyone agrees, you've got to be safe especially while driving.

"Slow down a little bit and give yourself distance between the person in front of you basically," Wallace said.

So you can leave any surprises to Mother Nature.

"I was not expecting this today, and it came out of nowhere," said driver, Evan Sinarski.