Watch: Beautiful piebald deer spotted hanging out in Seven Hills

SEVEN HILLS, Ohio -- A wild-looking character has been seen popping up in Seven Hills and Parma.

This handsome guy is a piebald deer. He was spotted this week by Fox 8 viewer Kelly Kishmarton.

According to the Cleveland Metroparks, which posted a photo of a piebald deer last year, the coloration is caused by a genetic variation that happens in less than 1 percent of white-tailed deer.

The Quality Deer Management Association said these types of deer can have other issues, like shortened or crooked legs, or curved spines.

Piebald deer are more common than albino deer, which lack the genes responsible for pigmentation.

Residents in Parma in October caught images and video of a piebald deer -- it's not clear if it's the same deer seen by Kishmarton.