Willowick police investigating string of home burglaries

WILLOWICK - Maplewood Drive in Willowick is a quiet, family-friendly street.

But people are on alert after a number of recent burglaries there and on surrounding streets in the city.

"Having it happen to me, I'm not surprised that it is happening," said Andrew Gentile, who lives at the corner of Maplewood and Edgewood.

His car was robbed earlier this year.

"It definitely changes you. You double-check things a whole lot more," said Gentile.

Ward 2 Councilwoman Ann Turk lives right beside Oakdale Road, another street that was hit.

In fact, Willowick police say the city has had 15 burglaries reported since April.

"People who are here during the days should be watching the houses of those who are working and gone all day. They are saying it's happening during the day," warned Turk.

Police say the burglars are taking TVS, jewelry, and iPads.

And it's not just Willowick.

Wickliffe police are reporting at least three burglaries in neighborhoods there since mid-October.

"People need to keep their doors locked, windows locked, day and night and watch out for each other's neighbors," said Turk.

Police also recommend keeping lights on in the house when you’re going out and even keeping the TV or radio on, which can help make potential burglars think someone is still home.​