One turkey is talk of the town in Cuyahoga Falls as it chases people, cars

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CUYAHOGA FALLS,Ohio-  A wild turkey with a “fowl" attitude is the talk of the town in Cuyahoga Falls.

Some people are terrified of the big bird, while others enjoy his outrageous and sometimes aggressive antics.

No one is certain exactly when the large “Tom” settled into the industrial area along Steels Corners Rd near State Rd, but lately he’s getting more attention.

“Oh, he’s a character,” said Ed Tracy, who frequently stops to see the turkey with his son. ”Some days he’s chasing people. Other days he’s just getting fed; other days he’s minding his own business, and then today, he’s chasing every bird out of the park here.”

He stands about 3-feet tall with a 6-foot wingspan and seems fearless, whether chasing people or moving vehicles.

Thursday, Kristen Fernandez and her daughter, Lydia, were trying to get a picture when he started sprinting after their car.

“It reminded me of the Roadrunner cartoon,” said Kristen. “We were kind of in shock. I didn’t want him to run out into traffic, so we darted out quickly and lost him.”

No one is aware of the turkey actually hurting anyone, but he’s clearly ornery and territorial.

Wild turkeys are generally social creatures that stick together, but this guy prefers humans or being alone.

“Pretty funny,” said Amy Sterling. “He’s a wild animal doing what wild animals do.”

Most people told FOX 8 that they appreciate his beauty, and his personality.

They hope he stays safe long past the Thanksgiving holiday.

“He’s a local celebrity,” said Amy.