You can ‘talk’ to your dog: expert tips on how to communicate with Fido

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking, or wished you could “talk” to them?

New research shows that you can communicate with your canine far more than previously thought.

“They may not be able to speak English, but they certainly communicate and they communicate a lot,” said Dr. Meghan Herron, a researcher and professor at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Incredibly, the latest groundbreaking information shows that we humans have been misunderstanding our dogs actions, and reactions for centuries.

Dr. Herron explains everything from the true meaning of a "wagging tail," to the proper way to greet an unfamiliar dog and something called an “eye hug.”

“Once you can read it,” says Dr. Herron, “You can’t not see it!”

***See all her communication tips in the video above***

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