I TEAM: Exclusive video – Euclid Police arrest outspoken critic

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EUCLID, Ohio - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video showing what happened when Euclid Police arrested an outspoken police critic on a warrant. The video shows Damien Parker refusing commands to get out of his vehicle during a traffic stop, and the arrest turned violent.

Parker has become active in the streets and on social media. Police say he has also made threats to officers.

Friday, video shows Euclid officers pulling over Parker. Then, when one officer asked Parker to “hop out of the car,” Parker responded with, "No, I'm not hopping out of nothing."

Parker then says, "Do not touch my car." An officer answered, "You're now under arrest. You have a warrant for your arrest." Parker insisted, "You don't have no warrant for me." Then you hear the officer answer with, "This is your second time. Step out of the car. Do it now."

After several more commands to get out of the car, officers finally pulled Parker out. Three officers then subdued him with punches and a taser, and they handcuffed him.

The I TEAM caught up with Parker. He said, "One of the officers, it seemed like he was performing for the camera. He kept yelling, ‘stop resisting, stop resisting.'”

Still, why not just get out of the car?

Parker told the I TEAM, "For one thing, you have to understand where my mindset is.”

Parker says he’s bothered by a recent violent arrest in Euclid caught on camera. He says he’s also troubled by the case of a man shot and killed by Euclid Police, and more. He said, "I was concerned for my safety, so I felt like being in my car originally was the best place to be."

In this case, the traffic stop and arrest all relates to an arrest warrant filed in Euclid Court against Damien Parker. A warrant for aggravated menacing, making threats against a man. Parker says he didn't even know a warrant had been filed.

Euclid Police issued a statement saying,

“Immediately prior to the physical struggle and arrest of Mr. Parker, he was informed of the existence of the active warrant and given clear commands to exit his vehicle and comply with the arresting officers. Mr. Parker was provided ample opportunity to peacefully cooperate with the police. For whatever reason, Mr. Parker chose to argue about the existence of the warrant and then physically resisted his own arrest. The police dash-cam footage clearly shows what occurred and the result.”

Police say they also found a gun in Parker’s vehicle. He is facing a series of charges. He is pleading not guilty.

The police video from this case could end up being played in court. Any surprise, police and a vocal critic see the video differently? In one clip, an officer reminds Parker, "It's all on camera, dude." Parker responds sharply, "I know it's all on (expletive) camera.”

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