Sibling rivalry takes center stage at the polls in Twinsburg

TWINSBURG, Ohio – A sister and her older brother are hitting the campaign trail hard in these final hours; not for one another, but against each other.

Mike Turle and Kathy Turle-Waldron are both battling for the same seat inside Twinsburg City Hall…Council At-Large.

But is there bad blood or is it simply a healthy family feud?

Turle-Waldron says, "It's a, it’s a healthy, um, you know run for the seat."

Mike said, "Well, I announced a year and a half ago that I was running and this is like I said the same direction I'm going for, yeah, I'm sure you've never covered a story like this."

It is undoubtedly a unique race that has voters doing a double take.

Two candidates with the same bloodline and a duel passion for a community they love.

Kathy, wife and mother of three, owns a local gym, is a Twinsburg school board member and president of the local rotary club.

Mike, husband and father of three, is a self-employed electrician, who had failed runs for Mayor and city council in recent years.

Will a third try for office be the charm?

"I'm just continuing the same work that I've been doing for these last five years. Like I said, trying to make things better for the people,” said Turle.

Whoever wins, will family ultimately reign supreme?

Kathy said, "I will support whoever the community supports."

Mike said, “I'll have to see where she stands on the issues."