Aurora police warn homeowners to keep eyes peeled for criminals following storm

AURORA, Ohio- As residents in this Portage County community continue to clean up from Sunday's major storm, they have something else to worry about.

Aurora Police are warning residents that thieves are prowling around neighborhoods during the overnight hours and stealing items from unlocked vehicles.

The suspects hit the Lakes of Aurora neighborhood earlier this week and homeowner, Julie Slisz, told FOX 8, "I think it's unfortunate for the residents that are at work or on their way to work or sleeping and having their cars broken into; it's just an unfortunate situation made even more unfortunate."

Aurora Police posted surveillance photos of a car believed to have been used in the theft spree.

According to Chief Brian Byard, it appears the crooks are working as a two-man crew, with the driver sitting in the street, and the passenger approaching vehicles in driveways and stealing whatever he can.

Based on similar crimes committed in the area, Chief Byard believes the thieves are drug addicts trying to steal anything that can be quickly converted into cash, so that they can feed their habits.

As for the lack of respect the thieves have shown for other people's property, Julie Slisz told FOX 8, "It's a pretty common consensus that they should probably get a job or do something honest to earn money."

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