SkyFOX video: Macroburst, straight-line winds caused damage in Ashtabula County

WILLIAMSFIELD, Ohio-- Storm damage near Williamsfield in Ashtabula County appears to have been caused by a macroburst and straight-line winds, according to preliminary information from the National Weather Service. 

SkyFOX video shows some homes heavily damaged from Sunday's storms. The National Weather Service says the storm that moved across the southeast part of the county damaged 20 homes, with some knocked off their foundations.

According to the NWS, a macroburst is a convective downdraft with an affect outflow area of at least 2 1/2 miles wide and peak winds lasting between 5 and 20 minutes. Intense macrobursts may cause tornado-force damage of up to EF3 intensity.

Severe storms hit several places in Northeast Ohio on Sunday. The National Weather Service says the damage done in Erie County was caused by a tornado which touched down in Oxford Township.

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