World’s ‘oldest little person’ receives act of kindness to make her life easier

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio-- Winifred Ann Kelly, 94, is proud of being in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person in the world with dwarfism.

Winnie, as she is known, says one of the only regrets of her life is that in recent years, mobility issues have made it impossible for her to leave her home in Strongsville without assistance.

Winnie told FOX 8, "The first ramp they put in, and I tried to go down, I fell flat on my face and ended up in the hospital.”

When a friend of Winnie's caregiver found out about the challenge that Winnie was facing, he decided to help build a new walkway in front of her home that was wheelchair accessible.

"She was in the house and not able to get out and that just bothered me and she's a nice lady," said Bill Squires.

When team members at Home Depot heard about the project, they volunteered their talents to make sure that Winnie's walkway was properly done.

Home Depot employee, Carrie Tilley, told us, "I'm just happy that she's going to be able to go outside whenever she wants to go out. If there's an emergency, it's not going to be an issue; it's just really good to know she'll be able to get some of her mobility back."

“I can't believe it, look how far it goes!" exclaimed Winnie, as she watched the volunteers working on the stylish walkway.

She says, thanks to their efforts, she has a new sense of freedom. "I could feel their love and concern and their wanting to do something to help my situation and it's so amazing to meet people like that anymore," said Winnie.

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