Students find special notes taped to each locker at Revere Middle School

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AKRON, Ohio-When students at Revere Middle School in Akron walked into school Friday morning, they were met with a heartwarming surprise.

According to Principal Bill Conley, over 800 special note cards were taped to every single locker.

It was the work of eight eight-graders with Girl Scout troop 640.

"Their project was putting positive messages out there for students to read. We try to build a culture that if you see something, say something," said Conley.

Each note card had a different happy thought, encouragement, or advice.

It comes just days after another suicide was reported at Perry High School in Massillon, some 30 miles away.

"It's one of those things, anytime you hear about that, students, staff, and the administration share in the heartbreak and the disappointment of that tragedy. Even though it wasn't planned that way, the timing was good," said Conley.

The kindness reminders decorate the halls.

Faculty members hope the notes remind the kids they are cared about and they are special.

"After a long week of school, maybe you need that encouragement. As you can see, they are everywhere, talking about being kind, smiling, and promoting positivity," said Conley.

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