Campaign controversy brewing in race for Brunswick Hills Township trustee

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BRUNSWICK HILLS TOWNSHIP, Ohio-In the race for Brunswick Hills Township trustee, incumbents, Mike Esber and Christina Kusnerak, are facing a challenge from Adam Gajewski, a supervisor with the city of Medina's service department.

One of Gajewski's supporters is now accusing Esber and Kusnerak of engaging in political dirty tricks.

She says her surveillance camera shows Esber dropping off a copy of Adam Gajewski's personnel file at her home.

The file reveals that Gajewski was suspended without pay by the city of Medina in January for creating a hostile work environment by "using profanity, belittling and bullying employees, name calling, inappropriate comments and hazing.”

The file also reveals that Gajewski signed a last-chance letter in January, which means that the city of Medina can terminate Gajewski, if he is ever caught violating city policies again.

Some of Gajewski's supporters believe the distribution of his personnel file is politically out of bounds.

Kimberlee Bublik, who posted the surveillance video on social media, told FOX 8, "I just think it's dirty politics. I think that everybody has issues from time to time and that they should speak to what they're going to do for the community; you know, the job is completely different than what you do in a community."

But trustee, Mike Esber, says Gajewski's personnel file is fair game in the campaign. "I don't believe it's dirty; I believe we've been above board on everything. I took it to her house; I didn't hide anything,” said Esber.

He says fellow trustee, Christina Kusnerak, filed a public records request for Gajewski's personnel file, and Esber admits he is delivering copies of the file to any homes in the township displaying signs in support of Gajewski.

Esber says voters have a right to know about the background of the candidates. "If we don't let the public know what type of person they're dealing with, it can cause the community a lot of problems when he deals with other political people and the way he might talk to people that live in the township, the residents," he said.

In response, Adam Gajewski told FOX 8 that he was surprised that his personnel file was being passed out by his opponents, but says his work as a supervisor in Medina is separate from the office he is seeking. Gajewski said, "The items distributed have nothing to do with being a trustee for the Brunswick Hills Township and the people that know me know that, and despite the disciplinary action that everybody now knows about, that is actually not township business; I am still employed with the city of Medina."

Brunswick Hills Township Police say they have received a complaint about the distribution of Gajewski's personnel file, but investigators say it appears to be a function of a political campaign and is not illegal.

Chief Tim Sopkovich told FOX 8, “Whatever he’s passing out, that’s his duty as an elected official or somebody that is campaigning. They can go out in the community, knock on doors, talk to people or pass out literature; as long as it’s not placed in mailboxes, they can hand out that material.”