Suspect in NYC terror attack ran business and wed in northeast Ohio

CUYAHOGA FALLS-The driver in what authorities believe to be a terror inspired attack on a bike path in New York City lived and ran a business in Northeast Ohio, records show, for several years starting in 2013.

The Uzbek immigrant accused of using a truck to mow people down along a bike path, killing eight, did it in the name of the Islamic State group, police said Wednesday.

Investigators, meanwhile, were at the hospital bedside of 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, working to extract information about the attack Tuesday afternoon near the World Trade Center memorial that also left 12 people injured, a law enforcement official said.

Records obtained from the Ohio Secretary of State's office by Fox 8 News show Saipov registered a business named Bright Auto LLC in August of 2013.

The company, apparently a trucking company, was run out of his Cuyahoga Falls apartment.

While the documents  do not provide details of the business, in other documents Saipov lists his occupation as a truck driver.

Fox 8 News has also obtained DOT inspection reports that reveal the business declared owning only one truck and employed only one driver travelling an estimated 75,000 miles annually.

Routine truck inspections in 2014 from the states of Arizona, Iowa, in the New England area and elsewhere reveal only minor violations. Documents from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show the business was authorized as an Interstate Common Carrier in 2013. That authority was involuntarily revoked in Dec 2014 for reasons unknown at this time.

saipov abstract of marriage (3) Saipov Business License

Police say they had no interaction with Saipov while he was living in Cuyahoga Falls.

Public records reveal he was married to a 19-year-old woman named Nozima Odilova in April of 2013 in a ceremony that took place at his apartment.

saipov marriage license saipov motor carrier report

The documents reveal both Saipov, who was 25 years old at the time, and Odilova were both originally from Tashkant, Uzbekistan, and she was not working at the time.

He was remembered as someone who seemed friendly but frequently came and went from his apartment.

The Islamic Society of Akron and Kent, where Saipov attended while he lived in Northeast Ohio, released the following statement:

The Islamic Society of Akron and Kent is shocked and saddened by yet another wanton and savage act of murder and mayhem perpetrated on innocent people of New York City yesterday. We join all civilized and peaceful people of the nation in condemning this brutal violence in the strongest terms possible. The perpetrator of this heinous act showed no humanity or mercy for his fellow human beings. No religion or community teaches such hate and disregard for human life. No cause justifies murder of innocent people and no community condones such vile acts or intentions. The perpetrator, like other criminal extremists, deserves to be brought to justice.

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims. We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Americans of all faiths and backgrounds in this time of grief and distress. Together we must face these challenges, grieve and ultimately prevail, including the nascent Uzbek community, that now calls The United States its new home.

In Peace,

Islamic Society of Akron & Kent

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