I TEAM: dangerous manhunt caught on helicopter camera

CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM now has exclusive video showing what it took for police to find and arrest a man suspected of shooting at officers after a road rage incident.

Cleveland Police helicopter video shows it took the chopper with a special infrared camera to guide officers on the ground to their wanted man in very thick brush.

It happened in Cleveland’s Tremont section last month, and the video has just been released to the I TEAM.

Police started tracking a car after a case of road rage, and the video shows the suspect running into some dense woods. Shortly after that, you can hear officers on police radio yelling out, “Shots fired!”

The trees and bushes there are so thick even the chopper had trouble keeping an eye on the suspect. But the helicopter has a camera that senses body heat. Police in the sky were able to see the man crawling in the woods, hiding behind a large tree, and sitting up in a tree.

At one point, officers could be seen on the ground inching along behind an armored vehicle for cover.

Finally, police radio crackled with “He’s in custody!”

Police arrested Derrick Anderson.

Denise Anderson, his aunt, said, "He needs help. He has some mental health issues. We've been trying to get him help for the longest."

Both officers and the suspect’s relatives were glad the situation ended with no one getting shot. Anderson added, "The police did do a good job as to not taking him down."

Meantime, the I TEAM has reported, days after that arrest, Anderson got out of jail on bond. Then he got arrested for robbing a woman on an RTA bus. We’re watching as those cases begin moving through the court system.

Police say Anderson also left a baby in his car when he got out and ran into the woods.